Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Jeanne Sisson

My Moment in Time

My art is my passion. The ability to use my imagination to develop a thought that invokes an image that I can share - without words - feels like a magical gift for which I am truly grateful.

There is a profound depth of beauty, vulnerability, and sensuality in the female silhouette that speaks to me. I try to reinforce the connection that I feel emanates from the female figure by creating a world in which that “symbol” tells a tale, triggers a memory or evokes an emotion. My hope is that anyone who views my work will be reminded of his or her own myth, memory, story, dream, or current reality.

I begin a piece by choosing a drawing from my artist journals that I feel a deep connection to. Often a drawing will speak to me with a certain idea or impression that I feel compelled to explore. From there I start to create a story or choose a myth or goddess that I feel depicts the figure I have chosen to work with. So begins my artistic love affair.... the process of planning the work; choosing the subject matter, creating a story, experimenting with colors and textures to support the imagery, and then orchestrating it all into a successful composition that speaks to others on many levels.

I am looking forward to continuing to explore the connections I have created between dreams, myth and story through imagery of the female form. I am especially excited about my latest artwork because I feel it has opened a door to my learning more about myself, as I am deeply connected to this work. As I am creating worlds for my artistic figures to live in, I am becoming more deeply connected to understanding (and embracing) myself.


Full-time artist, Jeanne Sisson, works in a home studio on a mountain with a sixty-mile western view of the Berkshire Mountains. Sisson’s paintings focus on incorporating textile dyeing, painting and printmaking techniques to capture the excitement of dynamic light and vibrant color on art cloth. She searches for inspiration through drawing from the model, an intimate connection to nature and gardening, and by recording her dreams. She unleashes her imaginative power equally whether placing a sensual nude into a dream-like serene environment or animating trees into whimsical dancing female forms. Sisson teaches textile and surface design workshops in western MA. She exhibits regularly at the Green Trees Gallery, in Northfield, and in various juried competitions nationally. She welcomes inquiries into her work and her home gallery is open by appointment.

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