Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Poetry Inspired by the Exhibiton

These are poems that were written by a local poetry group who met at the Radius Gallery to respond to the art work through poetry. This is called ephractic poetry and the point is to add even more meaning  to the visuals.

Our group was excited that the work evoked another form of art and is happy to include them here.

Twelve Voices from One
By Lois Heger

Your art floats
As my words want to do
And color shading subtle as a feeling
Peeks, grabs, takes my eye
Asks where did I feel that before
That gentle green or brown
How bold
Silk so long falls soft
And the pleasure of things I never would have thought of
You dreamed for me
And then, but it’s been there for a while
Till all at once I feel it
My face floats into a smile

Rhythmic Blues
By Lois Heger

Rhythmic blues
Skin tone browns
Florescent pink of
space creatures that live in a drop of water
Bodies so beautiful they can
only dance on fabric that floats or stretches
And hugs and kisses having fun with
reality just peeking around the corner
And songs of war so sweetly sad
So true and hard
I must look away
Having only taken in a small part
At a time
One tree’s puckered bark
Now many
Now a forest
Swaying and rough and smooth
Rhythmic blues

Of Grids
By Lois Heger
(on Grids: Soul Surrender by Catherine Kirsch)

Precision grids keeping people out
Inviting a close second look as through the
Pierced work into the women’s quarters
To the life behind that music and color hint at
Throbbing behind colors that
Obscure the quick, promiscuous, facile look
But life behind the screen sees me.

Soft Reveals Hard
By Lois Heger
(on The Guardians by Lynn Luukinen)

How many ways can soft portray hard?
As many ways as color speaks for the heart
As still can take you by the hand and
Run you through the forest
Wind blows a forest and the canes knock wind chime- like
I touch the tree with my eyes
Knowing it’s soft
Rough hard brittle flex

Music – Continuum 1
By Lou Taylor
(on Continuum 1 by Joy Lavrencik)

Swirling in circles
Repeating themes
Major and minor keys
Always moving
Not only seen but felt
Beauty washing
Over the body
Changing molecular structure
Changed forever
By beauty

By Carla Pineda
(A reflection on viewing Continuum 3 by Joy Lavrencik)

My heart feeling
The dancing broom
over floor paper cloth
Black swirls, curved energy
A deep dance
into a room
into me
My eye
drawing in
a golden sphere of light
circling out
I am
riding the broom
painting the cloth

Middle Aged Souls
By Lois Heger
(on Continuum 5 by Joy Lavrencik)

Silk falling
The color of middle aged souls
Calmed greens and oranges merging
Into brown
Air flutters it gently but old silk
Returns to base point
Not unbalanced for long
Brief adjustment then
Gently plumb

Responding to WAR ART by Priscilla Smith
By Pat Osoria

Gut-wrenching cries.
Only a mother can calm them.
Even the letters home to Mom
don’t outwardly express
the horror, disgust and fear,
but somehow do.
White knitted fabric
that could have been pieces
of the soldiers’ baby blankets,
now in the shape of AK-47 riffles.
Comfort with the opposites

By Nancy Schweers

I saw him again today.
He looked up; our eyes met.
He knows somehow, he knows.
The terror of his AK47,
the self-hatred of his potency,
the piercing fear of his son’s broken heart,
this Trinity of terror is being healed.
In his camouflage
the glory shine,
the soft beauty,
the shadow of hope give his gait a wholeness.
When and how has it happened?
In his courageous hesed, steadfast love?
In the generosity of the US Army, the Ronald McD House,
the goodness of his companions?
In the focused, precise choreography of surgery
with the eons of dedication behind each move?
God is good. Man is good.
War is Hell. All shall be well.

By Edna Kitchen
(Inspired by Jeanne Sisson’s “Oshen”)

At the end of a very long day
After dinner is cooked,
Dishes are washed
Laundry folded and put away.
Homework finished,
Kids fed, bathed and put to bed
I lay my well spent bones and
Close my eyes
Immediately I’m swallowed by slumber
And I fall into deep sleep and dream
I’m falling into clear blue water
Giving in to the motion as
it carries me further to unknown depths
Surrounded by stillness and
A Peace that only comes with surrender
My body growing lighter as I go deeper
Until there is only weightlessness
Where I am caught by the arms of God
The gentle caresses of the water
Wash over my soul
Taking with it the exhaustion
The doubts, the fears, the regrets
I bask in the water’s golden warmth
While it feeds my spirit
Filling me with love and patience
I rest, for tomorrow I will need my strength
To live my life all over again
My life as a woman.


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